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All-in-One Pre MAde Solar Generator

All-in-One Pre MAde Solar Generator

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I often get asked what “solar generators” do I think is the best.

Short answer that’s not my market, but I am an authorized EcoFlow dealer and Installer because they do make a good product. I prefer empowering other people to build their own kits, albeit sometimes a “solar generator” may be a good solution for you. 

Non of these have MC4 Connectors for Solar they all use a special plug, which I’m not happy about.

I will skim these and this is key for writing.   W is watts.  wH is watt hours ( think of it this way a 100 watt bulb can run for 1 hour on a 100 wH and it can run for 10 hours on 1,000wH). solar= Photovoltaic Panel , MPPT is the Maximum Power Point Tracing which is a fancy way to say it turns solar into the voltage the battery storage needs. Air Conditioner are on 120v systems (minisplit, window unit or portable) *These numbers will be rounded and pulled from manufacture. I’ve used these devices but I have not used them enough to truly know how great they are or when the manufacture exaggerates.

  1. A)  My Favorite is not an EcoFlow Product, but I know the owner and know his testing so this product is solid. Plus it's the only one with wireless phone charging on the top. I recommend the “ASPEN 2.0kWh ALL-in-One” because it comes in at an impressive $0.51 per watt hour of storage and has the capacity to invert 2,000 Watt of AC power among its 6 outlets. Accepts up to 700 watts of solar. Battery storage is 2,000wH and can purchase a secondary batter to add an additional 2,000wH of storage. Weighs only ~62lb second lightest in the group listed for sale.

  1. B) EcoFlow Delta 2 Max is the next most portable unit as it weighs only 50lbs. It does cost roughly $0.78 a watt hour with the base kit. Battery is slightly larger than the aspen with 2,048Wh, but can expand up to 2 additional batteries at 2,048Wh each to get a max combination of 6,144Wh. It also has a dual mppt set up at 500w for combined gain of 1,000w of solar. The inverter claims a continuous of 2,400 w at it’s 6 plugs with a surge of 4,800w. Which is ample inverting for even running air conditioners. If you plug into shore it can recharge in just 1.1 hours using a 15amp plug.. Dimension is 19.6x9.5x12

  1. C) EcoFlow Delta Pro yes that name is confusing as this is a much larger unit that does give you the capacity to truly tease and rely on this as a energy integration system.

This one is even cheaper per watt hour than the Delta 2 Max at roughly $0.72. The inverting is quite impressive with 3,600w and 7,200 surge, this will handle the air conditioner no problem. Base battery storage is 3,600Wh with capacity to add two additional 3,600Wh batteries for a combined 10,800Wh. 10.8kWh is more than a large percentage of vanlifers and skoolies. The base unit does weigh in at just shy of 100lbs. Dimensions are 25x 11.2 x 16.4.

  1. D) The EcoFlow Power Kits that was their recognition of home kits is no longer available to consumers, I can still source them but I was not a fan of them because even though they could handle 3 ports of solar or 2 solar and 1 DCDC source as soon as anything hit more than 400 watts the fans started screaming as they had these units way to compact. Some people really like them. So I will leave this spot temporarily here.

  1. E) EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra base kit is $1.25 per watt. This is the first one to give you the capacity to run to in series to not only have 120v but also 240v. So that is a nice feature to add in. The stackable battery and form factor of these are nice. 

I just have a hard time putting all my energy in one-all-in-one kit. Because if something fails the whole system fails, so that means you're without power period, and many warranty claims require you to send in the product before they repair or send out the updated model. So I don’t want everything to rely on something that I cannot service. 

That's part reason I like Aspen so much is, it's an all-in-one that can do pretty much anything you need and is still very portable , very campsite friendly, or stage friendly.

By building a energy system piece by piece you get to design the solar max to what your need is, to have the option for singular MPPT or multiple MPPTs, to expand your battery to what you want. Inverting the Pro will meet most nomadik living needs if they don’t go full custom and the ultra is expandable. I am happy to help you get the EcoFlow or Aspen. 

As far as customers with EcoFlow I have maybe a 50% buyers wishing they didn’t go this way… with custom kits I have had only 1 customer that is not satisfied and we are working to find their solution. Their situation is unique and they are not close by so we are doing remote consultations. I think we will have it down to 0 customers soon. But I have to be honest and say I have 1 customer that did it themselves that we are working thru kinks.

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